SCA apple juicing party

Everyone is welcome to come along to Stroud Community Agriculture’s first apple juicing party on Sunday 1st October at 2pm. The juicing party will be followed by a harvest supper at Hawkwood starting at 7pm – more details to follow in a separate email. We will be picking apples and making apple juice for you to take away. The juice will need drinking quickly, or freezing or pasteurising if you want to keep it for any length of time. Come along to the orchard at Resthaven Nursing Home which is on the left of the A4173 between Pitchcombe and Edge just after Pitchcombe church. You can see the orchard from the car park. Please bring;- any apples from your trees or your neighbours’ trees. Don’t worry if there are some bad bits – we can cut these out before we juice them. You don’t have to bring apples in order to take away juice – there will be plenty of juice for everyone!- some empty, clean bottles with lids to put your juice in,- a chopping board and a sharp knife for anyone who wants to do some chopping,- musical instruments to entertain the workers (optional). We will be asking for £2 per family to cover the cost of hiring the apple pressing equipment and a donation to Resthaven Nursing Home. We have also been offered apples on a pick-your-own basis from several orchard around Stroud. One is Julia Currie’s orchard in Humphreys End, Stroud. If anyone is interested in picking up apples between 10am and 12 noon on Sunday 1st October, please contact Julia on 01453 764376 nearer the time to check that they are ripe and to arrange where to park. Julia will knock them to the ground on the day so you can just pick them up! These apples will keep well into the new year if stored well (as well as making good juice). We would like to borrow/hire more juicing equipment. Please let us know if you could help provide this. Hope to see you there Gary Morter and Nick WeirStroud Community Agriculture Orchard Group01453 766350

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