'Ryan's Well' and 'H2O Africa' Join Forces For Clean Water

Exciting and successful developments have unraveled since Positive News last reported on Ryan Hrejac. This remarkable young man is now collaborating with actor Matt Damon’s charity H2O Africa’. Together, they are working in the Lira and Oyam districts of Uganda to improve water, sanitation and hygiene standards in 20 schools with wells, latrines and hand-washing stations. All future staff and students can use these. They aim to commence this building in September 2007. In 90 schools, they intend to educate the populations about healthy hygiene and sanitation, influencing lives with a positive message.

Both charities are using various schemes to raise money and awareness for this project. For example, there is a promise whereby every dollar contributed to Ryan’s Ryan’s Well’ will be matched by Matt’s H2O Africa’. So, combined, they hope to raise at least $200 thousand.

When he was only 6 years old, Ryan Hreljac began his charity work. In class, he learnt of the appalling conditions from which many Africans received their drinking water. Seeing gross unfairness in this, he began earning money for extra chores, which he used to buy a deprived village a well. Soon, his efforts expanded, and 10 years later he has raised $1.5 million for 265 water sources in 10 water-poor countries. His achievements include becoming recognised as an Ambassador for Water, and participating in several major global events such as the World Summit on Sustainable Development. Ryan is seen as a role model for millions as he consistently pursues his selfless dream of everybody in the world having safe water access.

Likewise, Matt Damon founded H2O Africa’ with the aim of creating widespread public awareness and support to counter the water crisis that grips Africa. He works in conjunction with Running the Sahara’. This project involved three men running the full coast of the Sahara desert in order to raise funds and publicity for the same causes as ‘H2O Africa’. As a way to achieve this, a documentary was made of their journey, produced and narrated by Matt Damon himself and filmed by Oscar Award winner James Moll.

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