Read, Digest, Recycle

Students who started university in London this autumn will have more toread than their textbooks! Working with free daily paper, The Metro,the Capital’s Mayor, Ken Livingstone, has launched a special edition:Green Metro ñ a comprehensive guide for those who want to start leadinga more eco-friendly student life.

This 16-page one-off paper features environmental articles previouslyrun in The Metro and plenty of advice on living sustainably, includinginformation on how to recycle and swap unwanted goods, an eco-fashionshoot and even suggestions for re-using your copy of the Green Metro.Students reading the newspaper can pick up handy, easy-to- do tipswhich can really help reduce carbon emissions and pollution.
In a 60-second interview’ inside the Green Metro, Ken Livingstonediscussed the plans he is implementing in London to make aneco-difference. He encouraged students to read the paper and understandhow they can help make the City a more environmentally conscious place.

Download the Green Metro for free at:

The Green Metro
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