Radio Awards for Kids from Congo, El Salvador and Afghanistan

Radio Awards for Kids from Congo, El Salvador and Afghanistan

Children from both the Democratic Republic of Congo and El Salvador have won Children’s Lives, Children’s Voices, this year’s OneWorld and UNICEF competition for the best radio produced by, for and with children. The two categories of the competition included features up to five minutes long and spots up to 60 seconds long. The winners and runners up involved children from all over the world.
Children in Afghanistan Photo: © David Trilling.

The winner in the Features category is Sisi Watato ñ We, the children ñ by Search for Common Ground in the Democratic Republic of Congo. It was presented by children aged 16-17, the programme gives a voice to Congo’s children affected by the war.

Further inspiring efforts included runners up in Afghanistan, where 7-13 year olds produced a show creating an ideal imagined city with the company of an invisible parrot and flying carpet. Through the children’s adventures, the geography, history and current affairs of Afghanistan are presented in an engaging manner, while addressing issues of post-conflict psychology from a child’s perspective.

The winner in the Spots category is a radio campaign by Radio UPA in El Salvador, covering six basic children’s rights: education, participation, environment, the right to be heard, not to be abused and the right of access to HIV/Aids information. Primary school children in Burundi were runners up after their efforts with Studio Ljambo, who made a call for peace during a time of high tension prior to the hand over of power from a Tutsi President to a Hutu President. To listen to all the entries click on the link below

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