People Planting

People Planting is a scheme to help communities grow their own wood-lands. The scheme allows children and adults alike to dispel those feelings of helplessness in the face of environmental horror stories and enjoy repairing the damage. It is run by the community for the community and as such it strengthens community spirit and pride.
Photo © Green Light Trust

It has been developed by Green Light Trust in association with DIY retailer, B&Q. The idea is based on Forest for Our Children ñ the Trust’s planting project in the village of Lawshall, Suffolk.

They provide each community with a toolkit’ to get their scheme up and running. This includes a project presentation with storytelling, slides, video and workshops for developing leadership skills. Help is also given in forming effective steering groups, educational packages, ideas for creative fundraising and practical training in woodland management.

Groups do not need to own a lot of land to get started. A scheme can begin with a tree nursery in their local school or even the planting of a single special tree. The programme is offered free of charge, and is run by the Green Light Trust with B&Q’s Environmental Champions and store team members who have demonstrated a commitment to supporting neighbourhood initiatives

The Green Light Trust want to encourage community through caring for the environment. “Our aim is to imbue the growing woodlands with community power and the environmental arts. Community can mean a village, urban district or major housing development. Storytelling, song, dance and traditional crafts will become part and parcel of dynamic ongoing people-focused projects.”

They are keen to include children in their programmes. By planting acorns and tending their trees year by year, children feel a strong sense of belonging and are more likely to become community-minded and wise caretakers of the world’s resources.
FURTHER INFORMATION : Contact: Green Light Trust Tel: 01284 828754

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