Peace Tax Seven Await Judgement from European Court

The Peace Tax Seven are awaiting a decision from the European Court of Human Rights on whether they should be allowed to divert their taxes from military to peaceful uses. British High Court Judges questioned the 20 year old European ruling, which prevents cases like Peace Tax Seven’s from being heard, saying: ‘In some respects the reasoning may be legally and logically unsound.’

Brenda Boughton, a retired teacher from Oxfordshire, one of the Seven who have refused to pay the part of their taxes that go to military expenditure says: ‘When I was younger, the MoD used to be known as the War Office and it’s a much more truthful description. We have to learn that wars are not heroic, they are something to be ashamed of ñ a sign of weakness and failure.’

‘A decision in our favour would affect all the other countries in Europe,’ explains Robin Brookes. ‘We have forged links with Quaker Council for European Affairs and with other peace tax organisations in Germany, Spain, Italy, Holland, Belgium, Finland and Sweden. We also have very strong links in the USA and with Conscience and Peace Tax International who are a UN recognised NGO. So this issue is truly global.’ This autumn, the Seven are to launch a multilingual version of their award winning video, Contempt of Conscience, hosted at the European Parliament by Jill Evans, a Plaid Cymru MEP. The Welsh Nationalist Party has led the way in adopting the ideas of the Peace Tax Campaign.

Contact: The Peace Tax Seven Woodlands, Ledge Hill, Market Lavington,
Wiltshire, SN10 4NW. Tel: 01380 812294 Website:

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