Parkforce Prize Winners

Dedicated Park staff around the UK work tirelessly to make all ourpublic spaces greener and more inviting places to be. Now, all theirwork is being recognised and rewarded, with the presentation of theinaugural UK Parkforce awards.

Set up by CABE, The Commissionfor Architecture and the Built Environment, these prizes are given tocelebrate the work being done and encourage councils all over thecountry to place dedicated staff in all large urban parks.

TheAwards were divided into two categories: Best Park Worker and Best ParkForce. Winner of the individual prize was Paul Spriggs, an Urban ParkDevelopment Ranger, based at Rosehill Victoria Park in Rotherham. Inthe two years since he joined the Rosehill Park team, Paul has made ahuge difference, notably by setting up a Junior Rangers park clean-upprogramme and operating a campaign against graffiti on the site’sbuilding. ‘I’m completely blown away,’ Paul said. ‘It feels like allthe hard work I’ve done has been worth it.’ Runner up was FredyTematema, a worker at the Moonlit and Sunlit Parks in Birmingham. Hegives regular guided tours to local schoolchildren and organisesinforma-tional talks for the park’s elderly visitors.

LeicesterCity Council were the proud recipients of the Best Parkforce Award,beating off competition from parks all over the UK. Leicester werecommended on their work to make their areas safer and for theircomprehensive programme of park events, including litter picking, bulbor tree planting and family fun days.
‘It is so important that ourparks are well cared for,’ said Minister for Parks, Baroness AndrewsOBE. ‘I applaud all the winners for successfully delivering cleaner,safer, greener community spaces. With the help of a strong Parkforce wecan now put parks back at the centre of their communities.’

Contact: Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment
1 Kemble Street, London WC2B 4AN
Left: Fredy Tematema. Below: Leicester Parkforce. Photos: © Parkforce Awards

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