New Green Eyes Light the Way

‘TraxEye’ is a revolutionary pedestrian ‘green’ lighting system that is helping Councils to save significant amounts of money, while substantially improving the safety of cyclists and walkers.

With running costs of a single street-light ranging from £36 to £90 per year, many Councils’ energy bills can run into millions of pounds. The inventor, Grant Taylor, was inspired to design a cheaper alternative, with zero carbon emissions.

After creating the successful ‘Glow Cap’ for asthma sufferers – a practical aid that enables patients to locate their inhalers, Grant turned his previous experience with glow-in-the-dark materials into the eco-friendly ‘TraxEye’. A small green stud, it will glow brightly for 12 hours after just eight minutes of daylight. Each disc costs less than £4 to buy and as they do not require wiring, electricity or batteries to work, they are also quick and simple to install.

Another unique feature of the TraxEye is that the brightly glowing compound is non-radioactive and completely safe for the environment. More efficient than ‘Cats Eye’ reflectors or solar powered lighting systems, this self-illuminating stud has a lifespan of 14 years or longer.

Currently, Grant’s ‘TraxEyes’ are being deployed by Bristol County Council for their pedestrian route through the city. Others attracted to the lighting concept include British Waterways Partnership, Lincolnshire and Network Rail. English Heritage have also opted for the device, to highlight the edge of a pathway on top of Berwick-upon-Tweed Ramparts, following the occurrence of 30 serious darkness-related injuries over the past two decades.

The ‘TraxEye’ has already provided an enormous contribution to personal safety and with no running costs, will be highly beneficial to cash-strapped organisations. The product, which has been designed with a calculated slope, allows debris to be blown or washed away and will even continue to glow when it gets covered by snow or leaves.

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TraxEyes illuminate the way forward Photo: courtesy of Gibs2000 Ltd

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