Mulitversity for Hereford

The Bulmer Foundation, a charity based in Hereford, recently hosted a public event to discuss the establishment of a Multiversity for Herefordshire, which will provide sustainable education to students in the county and beyond.

The Multiversity will consist of a number of sites. Its central building, situated in Hereford, will include a public-facing library, an information centre, a cafe and some flexible teaching space. Mini learning centres will be located further out across the region. The idea is to attract a bigger percentage of local learners into higher education than in any other county.

Herefordshire has a substantial reputation in the arts, local food, rural land usage, music, holistic health and astronomy. Through Multiversity programmes, these strengths could be supported and further developed.

Oliver Letwin MP said: ‘The Multiversity is the most innovative higher education proposition in the country. It is being developed by the county for the county with the potential to become a model for higher education development in sparsely populated rural areas.’

Contact: Professor Shirley Ali Khan, Education Director, Bulmer Foundation
Email: [email protected]

Outside classrooms in Hereford
Photo: © Bulmer Foundation

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