Mission Antartica

In 1996/1997 Mission Antartica took 35 young people from 25 Nations, many of them from countries in conflict. They co-operated with the Russian government to remove a 1,000 tons of rubbish from the Bellinghausen station on the edge of the Antartic. This decisive action is part of their message to the World Summit in Johannesburg.

In 1999 they purchased a yacht, which they named 2041, which be-came their communication centre. Starting in the Netherlands the boat has travelled 40,000 nautical miles, 70 young people have joined them and 80 teachers from 45 nations had been involved in their educational programmes. The journey continued overland, on a custom built trailer to become the Earthship. Arriving at Johannesburg, they linked to loveLife, a South African Foundation working with a positive approach to HIV/Aids education, in order to create a positive Think Global ñ Act Local’message to deliver to the World
WEB SITE : http://www.earthship.co.za

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