Mayors for Peace Call for Global Nuclear Disarmament by 2020

The idea is to get as many Mayors as possible to meet in New York City in May for the 2005 Nuclear Proliferation Treaty Review Conference. They propose that negotiations begin this year, concluding by 2010 with implementation of global nuclear disarmament no later than 2020.

Mayors for Peace President, Mayor Tadatoshi Akiba of Hiroshima, reminded a recent conference of 200 US Mayors, of Martin Luther King’s abhorrence of nuclear weapons. Speaking of the promised land of a nuclear-weapon-free world, he asked them “in the name of all our elders in the name of our children and their children to do everything in our power to reach that promised land.’

Abolition Now! is asking all of us to sign up and get involved – individuals, citizens’ groups and community and civic leaders. Act today, they say, and enroll your mayor in the Mayors for Peace Campaign to Ban Nuclear Weapons.

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