Join Positive News US in a Pledge to Fly Less

One of the single most effective decisions we can make to reduce our impact on the climate is not to fly. The Positive News US team are committing not to fly for the coming year and they would like you to join them. There are two pledges, Gold and Silver. By signing the Gold pledge, you promise to take no flights in the coming year, except in a personal or family emergency. If you sign the Silver pledge, you promise not to fly for leisure for a year.

To pledge, please send an email with the following information: your name, where you live, your email address, whether you are pledging Gold or Silver and up to 50 words as to why this pledge is important to you.

Email: [email protected] Website:

Marty, Ilonka and Steve pledging not to fly in the presence of Colibri, on behalf of all the children of the world. Photo: © Marty Luster/Positve News US

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