How to Turn Your Parents Green

This humorous, pocket-sized book shows kids aged 8 to 80 how they can make a real difference in the fight against Ghastly Global Warming by being an Eco-Warrior rather than an Eco-Worrier.

The book suggests that grown-ups ñ the Groans ñ are responsible for causing climate change but it’s the kids who will have to deal with the consequences. They have to educate their parents and teachers about recycling, saving water and energy.
The Groans may grumble about the traffic and gripe about heating bills, but it is their fault that the planet has ended up in this mess. They are, however, far too busy goggling at the television and booking exotic far-away holidays to sort it out.

Only young people can make the Groans behave because they can make their lives a misery if they don’t. This fun and imaginative book helps all young eco-readers draw up a Glorious Green Charter’ for their parents to sign and explains how to punish them ñ oh yes ñ if they refuse to change their Grumbelicious ways.

How to Turn Your Parents Green
by James Russell
ISBN 978 0 9553520 9 6
Price £6.50 published by Tangent Books,
Unit 5.16, Paintworks, Bath Road, Bristol, BS4 3EH
Tel: +44 (0)117 972 0645

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