Growing Eco-Communities

Practical Ways to Create Sustainability

In his second book on the subject, Jan Martin Bang, who has spent a lifetime in eco-communities, provides an overview of the different phases and changes that groups can undergo ñ from Youth to Maturity to Old Age. Aimed primarily at those already living communally, the book sets out to raise questions about this dynamic process.Youth deals with the idealistic initial years of a community, the inspirations that lead to establishing it and the realities that have to be faced. Maturity describes the state that communities aspire to when most of the creases have been ironed out. Finally he deals with Old Age and the inevitability of a communes’ material decline.

Practical in its approach and with a critical eye, the book paints a vivid picture of a variety of communal lives. For those of us not living in communities, it gives an excellent introduction to the problems faced and the joy in overcoming them.

Growing Eco-Communities ñ Practical Ways to

Create Sustainability

by Jan Martin Bang, price £20.00

is available from Floris Books,

15 Harrison Gardens, Edinburgh,

EH11 1SH, Scotland

Tel: 0131 337 2372


ISBN 978 086315 597 0

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