Greening the UK Tax System

An independent, expert body, the Green Fiscal Commission, has been launched to work on greening the UK tax system. Green Tax Reform involves higher tax-ation of environmentally harmful goods and activities, as a way to encourage the public and people in business to behave more responsibly.

‘Most policy experts believe that the taxation system has a vital role to play in the face of our rising greenhouse gas emissions,’ said Robert Napier, who is chairing the new Commission. ‘Sending out the right signals for businesses and households to conserve energy and to create and use more energy efficient pro-ducts is vital. Our polling shows that people support green taxes in general but when the revenues go to improve the environment or reduce other taxes, then they become even more supportive.’

Professor Paul Ekins, Director of the new Commission, said: ‘Green fiscal reform is essential to counter climate change. When the Commission has finished its work, politicians and policy makers will have a serious and well thought-through set of proposals for fair and balanced re-form, to choose from and implement in their own way.’
Back in 1996, when Paul Ekins set up the Sustainable Economy Unit, as part of Forum for the Future, he argued that many of today’s environmental problems are really economic problems in disguise and getting the economics right lies at the heart of any solutions agenda.’

Contact: The Green Fiscal Commission,
C/o Policy Studies Institute,
50 Hanson Street, London, W1W 6UP
Tel: +44 (0)20 7911 7535
Website: www.

Professor Paul Ekins, Director
of The Green Fiscal Commission
Photo: © Paul Ekins

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