Green Being

Sam McCreesh, age 16, is a Graphic designer and the founder of Applegreen Designs What first made you want to live a more ethical life?I became vegan in March 2005 after being vegetarian for just over a year. Throughout this time I’d become more aware of various global issues related to eating animal products. I believe that everyone ought to respect the rights of other human beings and animals living on our planet, take a responsible approach to preserving the environment and to aim to live in a more sustainable way.What changes, as an individual and in business, have you made in your lifestyle to live/work more ethically? As an individual I took a stand against various environmental problems associated with eating and manufacturing animal products, like global warming, poverty, world hunger, deforestation and pollution. I make sure my family buy ecological washing and cleaning products. I don’t buy anything that’s been tested on animals and we recycle everything possible. As a business, we have a stringent and ethical policy, determining who we work with and how we operate. We strive to work with maximum benefit to the planet and aim to cause little environmental impact. Being ethical does not have to mean being more expensive, and I believe this sets us aside from the majority of other design companies. What simple lifestyle changes would you suggest for somebody wanting to lead a more ethical life? Change your diet, change the world! There has never been a better time to make the change: the choice of food available to vegetarians has never been so varied or appetizing ñ and the scale of destruction caused by the global meat business has never been greater. By becoming veggie or vegan you’ll be doing something incredibly positive for your health, conscience and the world, and it won’t be as difficult as you think.Applegreen Designs offers a wide range of affordable services including branding, print design and management, website design and other internet services. Contact: Sam McCreesh give Tel: 01664 454324