G-Wiz! Its Electric! The Little Car That's Big in Sustainability.

Described by The Energy Saving Trust as the most energy efficient car available, the G-Wiz’ electric car is causing quite a stir in sustainable transport. Developed by the Reva Electric Company, the G-Wiz emits no harmful gases or pollutants and if charged with a renewable energy source, the car is a completely sustainable vehicle. This is good news, especially as transport related emissions are growing rapidly: increasing by 50% between 1990 and 2002. This swift increase is due to huge growth in air travel and the car buying market- particularly in 4×4’s, some of which run at as little as four miles per gallon when driven in cities.

Consuming just a quarter of the energy of a similar sized petrol vehicle, the G-Wiz is the only car of its size (with four seats), to have received an A’ Eco-label, the cleanest classification possible from the Department of Transport. The car’s exemption from parking meter fees and congestion charges within London, have made it popular with both commuters and businesses. Customers also have the opportunity to advertise their companies or personalities, using specialist paint effects to design an individual image for their car. During London’s Sustainability Weeks, a G-Wiz was driven around the capital and signed by borough Mayors and Councillors who wanted promote the G-Wiz as one solution to urban pollution and traffic problems.

Speaking about the car, Ken Livingston, Mayor of London and one of the signatories said: We need to grow and develop in a way that improves the quality of life for all Londoners, whilst preserving and enhancing our environmentĂ– The events during Sustainability Weeks have shown different ways to lead a cleaner, greener, healthier lifestyle and driving an electric car is one way of doing this.’

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