From Street to Screen

The second project Headliners reporters visited was a dance workshop at Hoxton Hall. This was one of a series of workshops involving young people between seven and 11 years in dance, video and graffiti activities led by teenagers aged 14-19. We spoke to some of the young people taking part.

Oliver, 10, wanted to do the workshop ‘instead of being bored at home.’ He is a keen dancer: ‘I’ve done street dance and break dance, but this is my first dance lesson. Yesterday we learnt Singing in the Rain. I know how to dance to that now.’

Young dancers from Hoxton HallLamar, 10, was introduced to dancing when he was very young: ‘I have experience because when I was a baby I was raised into dancing in Jamaica. My garden has a big sound system and I used to play it loud and dance in the garden.’ Lamar, who is also a drummer, said ‘I think it’s good to celebrate young Hackney. I think it’s good because when school’s out you can have some fun and get experience in how to dance. Maybe, if you did dancing, I think enough people would come to it and encourage their friends to come, that you could raise money and give it to UNICEF.’

Headliners London with Discover Young Hackney

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