Fresh Veg Recipes for All is a website for people with a passion for organic, seasonal and local food. The site has literally hundreds of recipes, a seasonal food guide, a picture gallery to help identify any mystery veggies and plenty of advice about what to do with them.

Completely independent of any farm or veg box scheme, the site was launched by Clare Jacques a couple of years ago. Foodies’ have praised the idea highly and it consistently ranks on Google’s top five websites worldwide for seasonal recipe searches. With over 125,000 unique visitors per month, it is one of the UK’s top green places to visit.

Over 50 per cent of the people who give up on veg box schemes, do so because they do not know how to cook all the items they get. The site provides exciting recipes that make more obscure veg like squash, celeriac and kohl rabi easy to use. is ideal for anyone who buys seasonal produce from a box scheme, farmers shop or market or who grows their own.

Veg box schemes support the local food economy and reduce the burden on the environment, as well as providing fresher, more local food than the super-markets. Research shows such schemes improve your diet by increasing the quantity of veggies you eat and in getting them to you while they are still fresh and full of nutrients.


Photo: Founder,
Clare Jacques

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