Free Energy in Sight?

We are issuing a challenge to the scientific community: test our technology and report your findings to the world.’ The Steorn Challenge

Imagine a world with an infinite supply of free energy. An Irish company believes it has come up with the technology that will provide exactly that.
“This technology will replace traditional energy sources. It has the potential to be absolutely huge and change everyone’s life,” says Sean McCarthy, Chief Executive of the Dublin-based company, Steorn.

So confident are the inventors that the company placed an advertisement in The Economist magazine saying: We have developed a technology that produces free, clean and constant energy. We’re issuing a challenge to the scientific community: test our technology and report your findings to the world.’

Over 3,500 scientists have responded to the Steorn Challenge. “We expected a good response because of its potential and its implications for the world,” says Sean McCarthy. “The next stage is to go through the applications and select a jury of 12 of the world’s best-qualified scientists, who are prepared to publish their findings, however they turn out.”

The new technology is based on the interaction of magnetic fields and it can be applied to virtually everything from mobile telephones, cars and computers, to heating and lighting, public transport, agriculture and industry.

“The limit to this kind of technology is a theoretical limit ñ a limit imposed by the laws of physics,” says Sean. “The fundamental challenge is to say: do these laws apply in this instance? If they don’t, then building these products and commercialising them will become just a simple engineering task.

“However, there are road blocks and the first one is the world of science. Our original strategy was to build support quietly behind closed doors but it was going to take too long ñ five to seven years of going round the academic and scientific communities before being able to get any consensus, and that simply didn’t make sense,” he explained.
The problem is that Steorn’s claim to have devised a technology that creates free energy represents a very significant challenge to our current understanding of the universe. So while engineers and scientists have independently tested it and found it always proven to work, none of them have been prepared to go public. Hence the advertisement.
Free energy has long been promised and there are a number of newsletters and websites devoted to the subject. As one such site says: “We believe that some of these free energy technologies are now approaching viability and a future you may never have imagined is about to appear on the world scene!”

Steorn’s technology may well be the first to be licensed but as Sean McCarthy explains, it will not be at all easy. “The commercial battles in this arena are far larger than a company of just 20 people should rationally engage in because we have to fight public opinion, we have to fight the scientific community and we have to fight the energy industry ñ you couldn’t pick a worse battle ground.”
Let us hope Steorn is successful. In the meantime, there is a huge amount happening in the world of renewable energy, which will assist us with the urgent challenge of cutting down on our carbon emissions.

Contact: Steorn Limited, Docklands Innovation Park, East Wall Rd., Dublin 3, Ireland. Tel: +353 1 487 1000
Sean McCarthy. Photo: © Steorn

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