Frank Water

A non-profit natural spring water has recently been launched to supply the UK’s demand for bottled water in a socially responsible way, by giving all the profits to clean water initiatives around the world.
When asked why it was called Frank Water, the founder, Kate Harrison, said: ‘Because we’re frank about water. It is a fundamental human right. Our aim is to be candid and outspoken about global water problems in order to raise awareness and help find solutions.’
The independent company, which is sourcing its water from the beautiful Devonshire hills, is run by Kate and a small, dedicated, voluntary team, who have travelled the world. Having gained first hand experience of some of the illnesses caused by contaminated water, they felt compelled to action. One of Frank Water’s first beneficiaries was Kothapeta, in India, a village in urgent need of safe, drinking water. It has a community of about 2,000 people.
Currently their water is drawn from a contaminated borehole. Frank Water’s funding is helping to construct a clean water facility and provide the salaries and training of three local operators. The project is designed to be economically viable and also fully sustainable.


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