First London Veggie Oil Festival

The first festival powered on vegetable oil is taking place in London this September. Passion for Paradise’ is the 4th annual Festival of Life’- events that celebrate holistic and natural health in many aspects of life.
Features this year include:
Over 50 talks and workshops presented by leading speakers and authors, concerning a variety of health, ecology and spirituality. Entwined in these are yoga classes, peace chants, Permaculture investigation and therapeutic treatment in the healing area.
A market purveying Rawfood cuisine, Goji Berries and other exotic superfoods, blenders, juicers, organic clothing and inspiring books.
Poets, clowns, musicians and an alcohol free dance party in the evening for entertainment.
Play areas and other children’s activities.
As well as this, there will be a veggie-powered car on display. This is a topical statement, as Customs and Excise have decided to cancel tax on road fuels for anyone using less than 2500 litres per year of vegetable oils for this purpose.
The festival is scheduled for 1st-2nd September 2007 at St. Paul’s Church (The Steiner School). It promises to be an ethical weekend celebration with which to see out the summer.

For more information contact: St Paul’s Church (The Steiner School),
1 St Paul’s Road,
N1 2QH

Phone: 08707 344888

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