Eve Urgent and Zero Waste Positive Action


Kevin Desmond talks to us about the ideas behind Eve-Urgent and how they aim to protect delicate eco-systems and the rare species they support.

When I was researching for my book “Planet Savers. 301 Extraordinary Environmentalists”, I soon became aware how, although species such as the American bison, the oryx, the panda had been reduced to the verge of extinction, positive action had been able to save them. But faced with the IUCN Red List, how to try to save more than 16,000 threatened species? Then one day, passing through a village down here in southern France, I saw a sign “jumelÈe avec”= “twinned with”. The twinning of towns is now well-established around the world. But what if a town were to twin with a threatened species of flora or fauna? What if towns could each select, adopt as their civic totem and then help to save one particular species? After all, there are certainly more than 16,000 towns in the world!

Then I searched for a name, some sort of acronym. What about One Species – One Town? OSOT, not a very pretty word! It had to be something like James Lovelock’s “GaÔa”. Then a French lady friend suggested EVE – acronym for Espce Ville Ensemble = Species Town Together. Thus Eve, the first woman and the symbol of life became our marraine or godmother.

While a graphics designer and an IT specialist were creating our website eve-urgent.org, I was researching cases where a handful of towns, communities and even small islands have in recent years made a locally threatened species into their official emblem and are attempting to increase its numbers by a better protected ecosystem. You will find these cases in our website. We are now inviting towns across the world to make the decision to adopt a species….before it is too late!. Our pathfinder website explains how they can do this…”


Zero Waste Challenge

Rachelle Strauss has written to tell us about her families personal challenge to cut its waste. She has is a informative website full of blogs and tips for reducing the rubbish that everyone can share in. So why not join them on a mission to cut the amount waste that we put into landfill down to right down to zero.

I wanted to share my family’s latest venture with you.

We’ve set ourselves a zero waste challenge! By stepping up the amount of recycling we do and changing our shopping habits; our goal is to put NOTHING out for the landfill each week.

This week, we put out one small carrier bags worth of rubbish – and as you might guess; it’s all plastic………

During the first week in September, we’re having our first official ‘zero waste week’. We have local media interest and some wonderful companies supporting us as we want to turn it into a bit of a cyber celebration. We will be giving away prizes to our readers every day that week, so everyone can join in the fun.

As well as following our progress, readers can take part in polls, leave comments, read helpful articles that will empower them to reduce the amount of rubbish they send to landfill each week and join in with a monthly challenge that we set.

Our overall aim is to inspire other ‘regular householders’ that they CAN make a difference.

We’d love a mention in your publications and to set up a reciprocal link with you. Your ‘environment’ section of your links page might be the right place for us.

You can view our site here: myzerowaste.com

Rachelle Strauss (aka Mrs Green)

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