England's Landscape

In a new innovative series of books, Harper Collins aims to help readers become reacquainted with England, exploring the history, geography and architecture of the nation through 8 regional titles. These books are a must for anybody who wants to find out about how natural and human factors have influenced the landscape and culture of England. Each title has been written by a local expert and the information is illustrated with an engaging mixture of commissioned photographs, maps and charts.

The language used in the publications varies between authors, but all show a real knowledge and enthusiasm for their subject. The information is at times complicated but is made accessible through careful explanation and illustration. Ultimately these books are an interesting look at how our actions have impacts and consequences on our environment. This is something we need to begin thinking more carefully about, if we are to continue living on planet Earth.

Living Lightly readers can order any of the titles in the series for the special price of £28.00 each (RRP £35.00) + free P&P (UK only). To find out how login to Living Lighlty and read Rediscover England.

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