Eastside Roots Resources

Eastside Roots have lots of exciting training courses planned for 2009 from free one-hour workshops to 8 week accredited courses.

Organic Horticulture Course at Trinity starting in May for 8 week blocks each season. These courses are accredited through Bristol City College.

Introduction to Permaculture – a chance to learn more about what inspired the creation of Eastside Roots. To be held at both our sites, Station & Trinity sites, 30/31 May. Principles of Permaculture.

Permaculture – a system creating sustainable human habitats by following nature’s patterns… will inspire, support & help you find solutions to take positive actions. Permaculture design draws together……organic & forest gardening, more holisitic approaches to health, community action & cooperatives, DIY sustainable building, land & resource use, alternative & appropriate technologies, local economies, trade & liveilhoods….and more.

There will be two tutors and a practical.

Forest Garden Day – we want to create a forest garden up at the station in Winter 2009, so watch this space for more information on the courses we will run on this.

If you are a trainer and are interested in using our facilities to run a training event please contact me.

Contact [email protected] for a full range of educational opportunities from simply volunteering with us to attending a full training course. We hope to run an after school club in the future – if you wish to help please get in touch.


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