Discovering Young Hackney (DYH)

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Young Headliners reporters were out and about in Hackney earlier this year, checking out the cultural offerings in this year’s Discover Young Hackney festival

DYH say ‘We love living in Hackney because of the many cultural activities going on in the borough. After the success of the first Discover Young Hackney festival last year, which many young Hackney residents took part in and enjoyed, we were looking forward to getting inspired again at this year’s event.’

This year, Discover Young Hackney ’08 provided more chances for Hackney’s young people to get involved in different leisure, art, music, dance and media activities ñ giving them the opportunities to express themselves in different ways, make new friends and share experiences. There were projects on everything from fashion to film and live performance to project management, with young people working alongside their peers as well as professionals to showcase the best of the borough in events such as the talent contest at the Hackney Empire.

During half term we went to visit a couple of these cultural activities in Discover Young Hackney, and spoke to young people taking part in them, as well as interviewing two of the festival’s cultural ambassadors.

Story originally produced by:
Headliners London with Discover Young Hackney

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