The Venus transit of June 2004 is thought by many to be the starting point of an age of planetary awareness. These transits occur in pairs and the next one is due on June 6th 2012. In the past, the time when Venus passed in front of the sun preceded great breakthroughs in human consciousness.

These latest transits are only the fifth in the last 500 years and remarkably, they all marked huge developments in the evolution of human communication. 1518 saw the beginning of the first circumnavigation of the globe and with it, a new understanding that the world was not flat; 1631 coincided with the start of the first national mail services; 1761, the first international collaboration between scientists; 1874, the completion of the Atlantic telegraph cable and the founding of the World Post Union. The last transit was in 1874, the year Alexander Bell first thought of the telephone, which led to it becoming routinely possible for people to communicate rapidly around the world.

Now in 2004, in an age of accelerating change, with instantaneous global communication, there is a growing sense of our interconnectedness. This is heightening awareness that we can all play a part in building a world that works for everyone. Could this be the time when the Global Brain will truly awaken and with it the evolution of a planetary consciousness.

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