Carbon Gym CD

The Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT) has produced a new multimedia CD that is teaching children the science behind global warming. It demonstrates how we can cut our carbon emissions.

The average person in the UK uses 10 tonnes of carbon each year but the fair global share is 2.5 tonnes. This means cutting these emissions is a task for everyone. Now young people have an effective resource for helping them do just that and inspiring change in our lifestyles.

The Carbon Gym CD has a carbon calculator’. After a series of questions you can work out exactly how much carbon dioxide your lifestyle releases. It helps you locate where, from your living habits, the majority of your impacts come from. Most importantly of all, the CD shows you, in practical terms, what you can do about it. With clear explanations and professional graphics it is an impressive resource that will hopefully influence anyone who uses it. The Carbon Gym is available on-line and is one of the latest in a whole range of educational resources from CAT that cover all aspects of sustainability.

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