Bags of Potential

At the centre of the Homes for Good exhibition was a simple but stunning display of native plants and trees, which caught the attention of the crowds. They were planted in peat-free compost, in big dumper bags’ and it was revealed that all the foliage on display had a use, from food to medicine.

Urquhart & Hunt and Dana Assinder are two garden design practices. They collaborated at the exhibition to create an edible forest garden, in line with sustainability and biodiversity principles. The brief was to create a productive, permanent garden applying the concept of how plants grow out in the wild. The garden mimics a natural woodland by incorporating layers of productivity: a canopy layer, a layer of small trees, a shrub layer, climbers, ground cover and a
woodland edge.

Contact: Urquhart & Hunt,
98 Broadway, Frome,
Somerset, BA11 3HG
Tel: +44 (0)1373 302 348

Edible garden display
Photo: © Urquhart & Hunt

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