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Loads of hammering, sawing and screwing has been going on in South Gloucester schools as a fun way of getting the message about looking after the environment across to thousands of pupils.
Photo: © Recycling Consortium

Children set about producing huge recycled wooden fruits and vegetables to show what can be grown in a garden that has been improved with compost made from fruit and vegetable waste.

The Sort It Project, organised by the Recycling Consortium focuses on the 3Rs ñ Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Pupils sort their school rubbish, set up recycling schemes and analyse the packaging in lunch boxes as ways of minimising the amount they send to landfill. Children also look at mini-beasts in the compost bin and work with visiting artists, creating beautiful, multicoloured mosaics made from old tiles brought in by the children. These feature minibeasts and many aspects of recycling. Pupils also find themselves up to their elbows in squishy paper pulp as part of a hands-on workshop about recycling paper.

The project, however, doesn’t end in school. Children always take something home to remind their families how important it is to do their bit towards putting less rubbish in the landfill sites each week. It might be a plant in a reused pot growing in compost made from garden waste, a folder made from beautiful recycled paper or a fridge magnet to remind everyone what can be recycled at the kerbside.
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