Ambassadors for Change

A global movement inspired by Gandhi’s insight, Be the change you want to see in the world’ is gathering pace. 1,000 young people came together last year in Morocco, under the auspices of Peace Child International, for Be The Change, which was opened by the King of Morocco. Next year, Scotland will host a similar event.
Peace Ambassadors © Peace Child International

Be the Change is being led by youth from around the world. None of them are experts. The proposers of Be the Change projects are simply young people who have identified a problem in their community ñ and had enough guts to do something about it, working tremendously hard with incredible results.

Some have helped rebuild devastated environments. Still more have helped fight HIV/AIDS, provided safe water for entire villages and implemented unique educational programs. The Be the Change youth-led, sustainable development programme, managed by Peace Child International, raises finance for development initiatives and they are training students throughout the UK to become Be the Change Ambassadors. Training and presenting dramas in schools, they introduce the concept of sustainable development and what young people can do to help achieve it.

Peace Child International gets its name from a tradition in Papua New Guinea. When warring tribes of head-hunters made peace, they exchanged a child. The children would grow up with the other tribe and if, in the future, conflict again threatened between the tribes, those children would be sent to negotiate. The name reflects the important role Peace Child International believes young people can play in changing the world.
FURTHER INFORMATION : Peace Child International, The White House, Buntingford, Herts, SG9 9AH
Tel: 0176 327 4459

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