A Million Voices for Middle East Peace

The largest simultaneous mobilisation of Israelis and Palestinians in the history of the region will take place on October 18th. Hundreds of thousands, along with international supporters in Canada, the US and Europe, will unite for an unprecedented live and internationally-broadcast People’s Summit.

‘It is time for the moderate majority to take a stand, to raise our voices for change and to make a bold commitment to ending the conflict,’ explains International Co-ordinator Jake Hayman. ‘We’ll stand up as OneVoice for conflict resolution and non-violent citizen action.’

OneVoice is run out of parallel Israeli, Palestinian and International offices that are dedicated to redefining the conflict, not as Israelis against Palestinians but as the vast majority who want peace.

The organisers want to deliver one million signed mandates to the political leadership, calling for immediate commencement of negotiations. They hope to inspire moderate citizens to recognise their power and responsibility in bring-ing about a resolution to the conflict. Also to create a tipping point that will propel Palestinian and Israeli leaders to fulfil the will of their people.

Supporters around the world will stand together in October. They will send a firm message to the political leadership, saying: Sit down and negotiate a two state solution. We demand this of you and we are behind you.’

Messages from many hundreds of UK supporters, including more than 30 politicians recorded outside the Houses of Parliament, will be played at the rallies.

David Lidington, a Shadow Foreign Minister, cited the recent progress in Northern Ireland as an inspiration that even the most seemingly intractable conflicts can be resolved. Shahid Malik, the Minister for International Development, also sent a message of support, ending with the words: ‘Good luck, good luck, good luck!’

Contact: Jake Hayman, International Programme Co-ordinator, OneVoice Movement: [email protected]
Website: www.OneVoiceMovement.org
Tel: +1 212 897 3985 ext 122
Website: www.OneMillionVoices.org

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