A Blue Covenant for Water

There was rapt attention at the recent Be the Change Conference as Canadian author and activist, Maude Barlow, outlined her vision for ensuring access to clean water as a basic human right.

Maude Barlow has been working tirelessly on a global legislation to protect those at risk from being deprived of the Earth’s most vital element. In her latest book, Blue Covenant: the Global Water Crisis and the Coming Battle for the Right to Water, Maude proposes a three-part solution in order to create a water-just world: conservation, justice in North-South trade deals and water democracy. To ensure the last, she reiterates calls for a UN treaty proclaiming that water is a human right, while asserting the prece-dence of public need for this precious resource over commercial interest.

In her speech, Maude highlighted the appalling injustice that, although half the world uses all the fresh water it wants, one child dies every eight seconds from contaminated water in under-developed parts of the world. She also stressed the moral and ecological imperative that we change our course. A standing ovation greeted her passionate call to action to keep water as our common heritage.

Contact: www.blueplanetproject.net
and www.bluegold-worldwaterwars.com

Maude Barlow at the Montreal Book Tour
Photo: © www.canadians.org

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