29,000 School Champions

Children all over the UK are being celebrated as Champions due to a new initiative which promotes safe cycling and walking to school.
Launched by the sustainable transport charity, Sustrans, to improve the health of the nation’s youngsters, it encourages parents, teachers and children to support healthier ways of getting to school. By registering online they can become one out of 29,000 School Champions one for every school in the country.
One of the schools currently involved is Parson’s Green Primary School, in Edinburgh, where children have given assemblies on the topic and made healthy school travel plans. Funding has been secured to get more schools in Scotland taking part.
‘With just one Champion in every school, encouraging 10 pupils to cycle or walk, we could have nearly 30,000 more children cycling or walking to school every single day,’ said Philippa Davison, from Safe Routes to Schools Scotland. ‘This would undoubtedly have a positive effect on young people’s health as well as drastically reducing road congestion and resultant carbon dioxide emissions.’
Contact: www.areyouachampion.org.uk

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