Trans women shine in portrait exhibition

Lucy Purdy

Photo portraits of trans women will take centre stage at Manchester Central Library’s gallery this summer

The exhibition by photographer Allie Crewe, You Brought Your Own Light, is sponsored by Sparkle, a national charity for transgender people.

“I love stories of transition because so many people will undergo transitions in their lives,” said Crewe. “I also identify with my subjects, who need to live as their authentic selves. They have had to take their old lives apart and start to build new ones. Their stories are quite diverse: some have found great peace and some are still seeking a new identity.”

They have had to take their old lives apart and start to build new ones

Subjects include Olivia Fisher (pictured on the right), a psychiatric nurse, who was a married gay man before transitioning. Crewe said that, though Olivia and her husband have since separated, she is happier now. “Unlike many trans women, Olivia has a successful career to continue and is optimistic about finding love again.”

The exhibition runs from 27 July to 29 September.

Featured image: L-R, Claire and Olivia, photographed by Allie Crewe


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