Stamping Out the Need

Snail Mail still has a charm about it that gives it a little sparkle when a person receives a letter from a friend or a relative. The truth is that despite faxing, phoning, text messaging and an array of different ways to use the internet to get in touch with people there is still nothing quite like sending a letter. It is something that is still right at the heart of business correspondence; there is no doubt about it right across the globe we are still nations of Postman Pat lovers.

With all this activity sending letters comes stamps! quite literally billions of them. Many of these used stamps can be put to very good use. So don’t throw them away, give them to a good cause. Positive News have been doing this for many years with all the correspondence that you have sent us. We would like to encourage you to ‘give it a go’ and help ‘stamp out the need’ by donating your stamps to charities who can recycle them and raise funds for their causes.

The good news is that there is a wide choice of different charities doing this so you can choose to support the cause that is close to your heart. Below is a list of places where you, your organisation, business, school or college can send your spent stamps. It can be well worthwhile spending a few moments tearing off the stamps on your mail collecting them in a big envelope and when its full sending it off to someone who can make good use of them.

Here is a list of UK Charities who are running collections:

The Brittle Bone Society collects and then sells on all types of usedstamps. Last year the BBS made £600 from stamp collecting.

Send stamps (you can also send coins and postcards to this address, the older the better!) to:

Mr and Mrs J Price
57 Mount Pleasant
West Glamorgan


A charity working to help reduce the spread of HIV and AIDS they accept postcards as well as stamps.

The Stamps Team
Office B
Dales Brewery
Gwydir Street

To help raise vital funds for hearing dogs for deaf people, send yourused stamps direct to their dealer marked Hearing Dogs for Deaf Peopleat:

PO Box 6198
Leighton Buzzard

The dealer doesn’t have the facilities to be able to acknowledge yourgift – but rest assured every stamp you send plays a part in enablingthem to help more deaf people and unwanted dogs.

The Hearing Dogs For Deaf People fundraisers in Scotland are raisingfunds from picture postcards as well as stamps. The card and stamp onit have to be left intact as the dealer has a special method ofdeleting address details and ensuring privacy. For further information,please contact their regional fundraiser in Scotland Margaret [email protected] on 0141 812 6542.

Stamps are sorted into categories and then sold to dealers orcollectors. Stamps are sold by weight; Help the Aged will receive £3for 1lb of stamps.

Send your stamps to:

Stamp Appeal
Help the Aged
Unit 7 Kirkstall Industrial Park
Kirkstall Road

For every kilo of stamps that is recycled, Leukaemia CARE receives adonation of £3 (if they are British stamps) or £13 (if they areforeign).

Please send your used stamps to:

Leukaemia CARE
Charity Stamp Support
46 Church Hill

Please ensure that Leukaemia CARE is clearly marked on the donation asmany other charities also use this company. If possible, please sendforeign stamps separately, with the envelope being clearly marked with ‘foreign stamps for Leukaemia CARE’.

If you are recycling for Leukaemia CARE and would like to tell otherpeople, why not ring them for a poster or label for the front of yourrecycling box?

If you have any questions regarding recycling in aid of Leukaemia CARE, just call the Fundraising Team on 0845 521 3456.

Oxfam collect stamps and they can be dropped of at any Oxfam secondhand shop, albums and collections are particularly welcome, but theyaccept all used stamps (foreign or UK).

Stamps are collected and sold by weight and the RNIB receives 90p to £1for 1lb of stamps. They request that you sort stamps intoBritish/Overseas.

Send the used stamps to:

RNIB Stamp Recycling
PO Box 185

RSPB Save The Albatross
Longline fishing is having a devastating impact on albatrosspopulations across the world – 19 out of 22 species of albatross arethreatened with extinction.

The success of this campaign will depend on your support and you canhelp them raise even more by sending them the used stamps from yourpost, which they can sell.

They can raise money from ALL types of stamps Рwhether they are usedor un-used, UK, foreign or even first day covers. For example, theyraise up to £3.50 per kg for UK stamps and £12.50 per kg for foreignstamps.

If possible, please separate UK and foreign stamps when you give them to the RSPB.

Post your stamps to:
RSPB Stamps
PO Box 6198
Leighton Buzzard
LU7 9XT.

People wanting to donate first-day covers or stamp albums can send them to:

Save the Albatross Stamp Appeal (Special Stamps and Albums)
The Lodge
SG19 2DL

If you have a large number of stamps, the most economic way for you toget them to the RSPB, is to combine delivering them with a great dayout to one of their nature reserves. You can see some fabulous birds,enjoy the countryside and help the albatross all in one go. A list ofthe nature reserves that will take stamps can be found to the right ofthe page linked below.

Remember when you start saving stamps make sue and leave about 1cm ofpaper all round the it can check with the receiving charity that theircampaign is still current before you send them anything.

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