US Call for Heart of Green Nominations

The Daily Green is preparing its second annual Heart of Green Awards, and They need your help.

The Heart of Green Awards this year will recognize not only national figures, but Local Heroes working in local communities to benefit the environment and help their neighbours go green. Nominate someone from your neighbourhood!

The Heart of Green Awards, aims to recognize those people, organizations and companies that have taken the green message to the mainstream ó to the “heart” of the American people. “We honour those people who strike a chord with regular people ó even those who don’t self-identify as “tree huggers.” We honour those who help us all live a more earth-friendly lifestyle” say the Daily Green.

Who in your community deserves to be recognized? Is it the organizer of a local farmers’ market…or the local farmer herself? Maybe it’s the local store owner who sells only products free of bisphenol A and phthalates…or the construction worker who donated his time to weatherize neighbourhood homes. Is it the mayor who installed solar power panels on the town hall…or the watchdog who held the mayor accountable for an eco-sin?

Whoever you think is deserving, we want your nominations. Tell us, and the rest of The Daily Green audience, why your nominee deserves to be recognized as a Local Hero with a Heart of Green.

The nominations are beginning to come in. Read profiles of the nominees.

Stay tuned for more about these Local Heroes and others! We’ll recognize many of the nominees by publishing your accounts of their good deeds on The Daily Green, along with profiles of our national winners … And we may even have a surprise for the most deserving!
Heart of Green – Local Hero Guidelines

Keep your nomination succinct ó about 400 to 500 words. Explain why your nominee deserves to be recognized for bringing the green message to your community. Write as if you are presenting the nomination to The Daily Green audience.

Attach a quality photo of the nominee that The Daily Green has permission to publish.

Include e-mail and telephone contact information so we can reach you (and, if possible, the nominee).

E-mail nominations to Dan Shapley. Put “Heart of Green nomination” and the nominee’s name in the subject line.

State how you know or are affiliated with the nominee.

Send nominations by Friday, March 13.

Nominations may be published at the sole discretion of The Daily Green, and must adhere to our Community Guidelines and Terms of Use.

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