The Go Green Company has partnered with some of the UK’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of eco-friendly products. From energy efficient light bulbs, to tumble-dryer balls and wind-up torches and radios, we have a range of products which you can buy online. Remember, if we all bought just one energy efficient light bulb, we would save enough energy to power all the street lights in the UK!

  • Audrey

    Paper comes from tree farms. If you don’t use as much paper, there won’t be as many tree farms. If you rcelcye paper, you do not save trees. The water used in paper production is 100% recoverable as the impurities introduced to the water are useful for some plants and is otherwise biodegradable.While these facts’ are all true, they are all also slanted. Do we need to clean up our act overall? Yes, but we will ALWAYS create trans-formative effects across the planet. Not all of these effects are negative. They are just not what would have happened if we weren’t here.I don’t see anyone out there with save the smallpox signs. We can make progress, but shutting down that progress in the name of being green is irrational and counterproductive. Tree farms can be a good thing. Reforestation after lumber gathering doesn’t have to be bad for the whole Earth. It may be bad for some specific animals or plants, but that isn’t the same as bad for us. The Earth can adapt, it always has.

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