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Created to take a visible stand against the greatest threat our planet has ever faced, Earth Hour is about the simple flick of a switch. Turn off your lights for one hour and help deliver a powerful message about the need for action on global warming.

The 60 minute lights off’ has captured the hearts and minds of people all over the world. As a result, at 8pm on 29th March, millions of pledgers’ from major cities such as Copenhagen, Toronto, Chicago, Brisbane and Melbourne, will unite by hitting the switch’ for one Earth Hour.

‘It will send a powerful message to the world that it’s possible to work together and make a massive contribution towards reducing the effects of global warming,’ says Greg Bourne of WWF-Australia.

People all over the world can pledge their support: individuals, organisations, schools or businesses. Once registered, they will be sent information in a free pack, containing useful tips on how to get involved.

‘Last year, over 2 million Sydneysiders began the Earth Hour journey and now it is time to take it to the rest of the world,’ says Sydney’s Lord Mayor Clover Moore, urging fellow mayors throughout the world to join in. ‘From rural towns in the outback to highly populated iconic cities ñ everyone everywhere can take simple steps to make Earth Hour 2008 happen.’


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