The Green Peninsula CORNWALL

‘We should be pro-active in addressing the greatest transition of our time, from oil dependency to a low energy future,’ says Jennifer Gray, founder of Transition Penwith, the westernmost peninsula of Cornwall. It is the first region to join the network of transition towns and cities, and part of a growing global Transition Culture movement.

St Ives MP, Andrew George, has a vision of Cornwall becoming a Green Peninsula. Chairing a packed debate in Penzance, where Jennifer Gray was also speaking, he said: ‘Cornwall is perfectly placed to lead the way in becoming sustainable, benefiting from wind and wave power, as well as working towards being waste neutral.’

Cornwall is already at the cutting edge environmentally, with the development of the world’s first large-scale wave farm 10 miles offshore at Hayle. The ground breaking Wave Hub has already secured £4.5 million from the Department of Trade and Industry and is looking for further funding from Brussels.

‘The Wave Hub is not just a first for Europe but for the world,’ says Cornish Regional Development Agency’s Claire Gibson. ‘We believe it could be a model project for other EU member states as part of the drive to adopt a Europe-wide policy on climate change.’

As in Totnes, Transition Penwith, is engaged in Energy Descent Planning. Courses covering peak oil, permaculture, re-localisation, food, energy, waste, water and economy are all part of Skilling Up for Powerdown’.

Contact: +44 (0)1735 793876


Photo: Andrew George chairs Green Peninsula Debate

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