Young Adventurers Push the Boat Out for Live Earth

Two young adventurers, Rob Gauntlett and James Hooper, are on a mission to walk, cycle, ski and sail From Pole to Pole’.
After a dramatic beginning they arrived at their starting point, the North Pole. The scheduled flights had been grounded, so they used huskies as transport to overcome this. From here, the boys advanced down the Arctic. Despite rocky terrain, high winds, changeable weather, damaged tents, navigational errors and slushy ice, Rob and James maintained their passion for this endeavour. The twosome completed the first leg of their initiative by travelling through nomadic villages, staying and fishing with Inuit, where they glimpsed the elusive polar bear. This meant Rob celebrated his birthday in the land of arctic foxes, musk oxen, narwhals, seals, walruses and the indigenous Arctic people that have shunned westernisation.
More adventure was in store for Stage 2, which was a sailing expedition. From Upernavik they fought the fog and navigated around fragile icebergs. At the same time, dolphins and whales swan alongside their boat until they docked at New York Harbour four weeks later.
At this point, Rob and James took time out to celebrate. The friends gazed at the spectacle of Independence Day Fireworks over the River Hudson. Then they were invited aboard HMS Illustrious, spreading the word about From Pole to Pole’ to passengers and crew.
After their festivity, it was a rough and rapid bike journey to reach Giants Stadium, New Jersey, for June 7th. Despite teething problems on this third leg, their dedication to combating climate change gave them the drive to make it to the Live Earth concert in time.
Currently, the young men are roaming through USA where their future flag points’ include The White House, Appalachians, Mississippi and Panama City. From the US, they intend to tour down South America, eventually arriving at the South Pole. Their final push will take them to Sydney, Australia, where they hope to be hailed as record-breakers.

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