Over 400 MPs and MEPs returned to school earlier this year to highlight the fact that 100 million children in the developing world are not currently getting an education.

They took part in classroom debates on global education, worked through case studies of children from Indonesia, Kenya and Guatemala and considered how access to education can best be raised with key decision makers.

Kevin Lawrence, the manager of development education organisation, Bridges which co-ordinated Back to School’ day in Shropshire, said, ‘We are delighted that the county’s MPs and MEPs are supporting this work and that so many schools were keen to take part. ‘ Karen Mahy from Oxfam, who are overseeing the international initiative in the UK, said, ‘For people in the developing world, education is a ticket to a new life and a chance to break the cycle of poverty.
The number of UK MPs and MEPs involved in this initiative sends out a clear message that education for all should be an international priority.’ She added, ‘It is time for the government to stand by its promises and commit its share of funds needed to ensure that every child has a chance to go to school.’
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