The Green Roadshow is still Britain’s only mobile outdoor Eco-centre. During 2002 it has been celebrating its 10th anniversary.
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With its bright, colourful Solar Powered circus top and large outdoor arena full of interactive environmentally themed exhibits, this year the Green Roadshow has attended 19 major outdoor events ranging from established county and town shows to carnivals and music festivals.

It was founded in 1992 by a group of enthusiasts who were concerned about the level of public ignorance of environmental problems. They reasoned that the best way to promote green ideas was to take a colourful, entertaining show out on the road and present it to people in a positive and empowering way.

Over the last ten years the Green Roadshow has appeared at hundreds of events around the UK, initially targeting established festivals and outdoor shows. As their fame spread, more and more Local Authorities began to book the GRS as the centrepiece of their Local Agenda 21 promotions.

The GRS now boasts a whole range of unique travelling displays including a Solar Powered Roundabout, a Scrap Store play area, Woodland Crafts, A Sustainable Living Exhibition, Electric Bicycles, life size inflatable Whales and Dolphins, a Renewable Energy stand and the worlds largest Solar Powered P.A system; whilst in the Croissant Neuf Solar Powered Circus Top a rolling programme of workshops and green themed family entertainment keeps everyone smiling.
FURTHER INFORMATION : For more information contact: Andy or Sally on Tel: 01749 343953

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